5.4 Easy to close the program

In some games there are special procedures for closing the game. This is unfortunate as both users and helpers should be able to close the game easily and use the computer for other tasks.

Alternatives for closing programs running under different versions of Microsoft Windows are shown below.

Method Description
Mouse Click the icons in the top right hand corner of the program window for Minimize, Maximize, Restore and Close
Keyboard command Close the program with the keyboard command (Alt+F4).
Menu choice Programs with a menu bar usually have Close in the File menu..
System menu Open the system menu with the mouse or keyboard and choose Close
Shortcut menu Open the shortcut menu with the mouse or keyboard. Close may be one of the choices.
Buttons and toolbars There is a Close button in some programs, or this choice may be easily accessible in a toolbar

There should be a standard choice for closing the program in computer games. The procedure may vary from platform to platform. The game should follow the relevant standard. It may not be possible to use all the standard alternatives because of product design, but at least the keyboard command (Alt+F4) should be available.

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