Guidelines for the development of entertaining software for people with multiple learning disabilities

Author UPS project
Version: 1,0
Date: 05.01.2004

This document will be kept updated throughout the project. Suggestions for improvement are very welcome!

Persons with multiple learning disabilities have very different assumptions and requirements making it difficult to set up guidelines for the development of entertaining software.  The implementation of recommendations in this document should however allow many more to use the standard programmes.

The purpose of these guidelines is that program developers should take into consideration different user groups, which will benefit both the producers and the users. The guidelines are for entertaining products, but many of the items are of course valid for all program development. The guidelines are primarily for PC products, but the principles are equally relevant for other platforms (Mac, PS2, X-box,..).

We have chosen to use the following definition of  "multiple learning disabilities".

Persons with mental disabilities , and persons with a combination  of severe motor and sensory deficiencies.

1. Level/progression

2. Input

3. Graphics

4. Sound

5. Installation and Settings