KJEMI - Scientific education for people with visual disabilities

Employment possibilities for blind and visually impaired people in the field of Science and Technology have been very restricted, partly because much of the scientific information in both the natural and applied sciences is presented in a 2D graphical form which is inaccessible for blind students. It has therefore been very difficult for these students to achieve higher education qualifications in science subjects. A new EU project has now started with the aim of developing a software framework which will enable blind students to access graphical information in the sciences. The project will focus on Chemistry, a subject central to many of the sciences, and a software framework will be developed to present molecular structures and chemical reactions. The software framework and methodology developed in this project should also be useful in presenting others forms of technical information. The results of the project will be made available free of charge.


  • Brailcom (Tsjekkia)
  • State Technical Library (Tsjekkia)
  • Institute of chemical technology Prague (Tsjekkia)
  • Media Lunde and Tollefsen AS (Norway)
  • Portuguese National Association of the Blind and Partially Sighted (Portugal)
  • Faculty of Science and Technology (Portugal)
  • Slovakian Blind and Partially Sighted Union (Slovakia)

Norwegian Contact
For more information about the project please contact:
Morten Tollefsen
Phone: (+47) 21 53 80 14