Summary (the Bhutan project)


The main scope is to develop the local competence in serving the need of the visually impaired in Bhutan for managing the computer as a useful tool. The target group is students, adult professionals and the drop outs from the educational stream line.

The time limit given is from January 2006 - December 2010 where-after the local educational authorities will take over the responsibility.


Consequently it is necessary to: a) Teach the visually impaired students in Bhutan to learn how to utilise the computer as a helping aid. b) Teach those who are employed and those who have lost valuable opportunities in their professional career due to lack of knowledge in using the computer in their daily situation. c) Build up the competence of a national resource group who can sustain this activity nationwide to serve the needs of students as well as those in a vocational situation. d) Also establish a resource centre with the necessary equipment for running courses and for producing talking books according to expressed need.


To achieve this (1. b) above) it is necessary to give a resource group of five nationals intensive training for a period of 6 months. In addition time must be provided for the follow up work containing professional advice and the structuring of the organisation in which they will work. Simultaneously the group will teach students from class 1 onwards, work out curriculum and follow up adult employees and those without job with in-service programs.


The Norwegian Mission (Normisjon) is the Norwegian organisation providing funds through an approved application to Bistandsnemnda / NORAD.

MediaLT is the Norwegian consulting firm giving the education, defining the equipment to be purchased and giving advice about local instalment and utility.

The Royal Government of Bhutan, Ministry of Education, Department of School of Education in Thimphu is the responsible body for appointment of resource personnel and implementation of the activity.

The National Institute for the Disabled (NID) in Khaling will be the local resource centre where the administration is based.