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MediaLT is putting great effort into improving accessibility in apps. And everyone can contribute: nerd or not, the app-løftet needs you!

Skrevet av: Morten Tollefsen - 10.04.2017

Appstore on smartphone

Smartphones and tablets can be used for nearly everything. Many of us can't do without them, and we use lots of apps. Which apps we use varies of course, but all apps should work for as many as possible! It's called universal design and it's neither boring, restricting, or for that matter rocket research! On the contrary, universal design is exciting and useful: everyone developing apps wants most people to like and to be able to use what they create. UNIKT supports this measure and we in MediaLT are very grateful!

Universal Design

In Norway, websites and apps should be universally designed. The term means that as much as possible should be accessible to as many as possible. The statutory requirements are web content accessibility guidelines (WCAG) level AA. Although universal design is complex to measure, there are clearly defined demands (so-called success criteria).

WCAG requirements mostly concern the accessibility of the technology i.e. that no-one is prevented from using the technology because they have impaired functionality. Universal design is strictly speaking more ambitious than this, and also more complex to measure. Ease of use (whatever the prerequisites and needs) is the principle idea behind the concept of universal design.

In app-løftet, we will help app developers to improve! We will limit ourselves to WCAG, or? No, we'll be shouting out about everything that is really awkward for users, even if it doesn't break any success criteria.

MediaLT is already at work on this, with a preliminary check on the effect of reporting app errors. We have submitted some errors. Responses vary, but we have already got some fixes too: in Dropbox, Microsoft Outlook and Skandiabanken.

Facebook group

We've created our own Facebook group to discuss errors, help each other, tell you how to report errors, and so on. The group is open for users, accessibility professionals, developers, basically anyone who is interested.

App-løftet (mobile interface)

App-løftet (full screen)

A professional review of your app is recommended

App-løftet is about reporting errors. You cannot count on a full accessibility check of your app in App-løftet. That is time-consuming and labor-intensive. We have been working on such reviews for many years, and we have employees with very good ICT skills who also use assistive technology.

Order an app check and you won't regret it! MediaLT produces a written report with suggestions for solutions and we often document using video (so it's easier to understand how your app works with a screen reader).

Do you have any ideas, questions or comments? Contact the project manager:
Morten Tollefsen, 90899305