Thin clients and aid technology

The financial, operational and security benefits of so-called "thin clients" have increased their use in both private and public sectors. This computer structure create however challenges for people depended on aid technologies. 

The aim of the project Thin clients and aid technology, is to identify the extent of these challenges as well as to suggest and demonstrate beneficial measures, and ultimately contribute to making it easier for disabled depended on aid technology to work in thin-client environments.

The major part of the project will be identifying the problem scope and disseminate knowledge about possible solutions. To reach the project goal, several investigations will be initiated, some of which are purely technical (how smoothly is it possible to make aid software run within thin-client structures, stability issues related to running and updating servers with aid-setups, and so on).

A test lab environment will be set up to conduct experiments as well as user testing. The test lab will be used as a teaching lab for system administrators/ICT-responsibles on the subject of thin clients and aid technology post the project. The knowledge gained in this project will also be presented in a guide, free of charge.